If you can put a logo on it we do it!

At Graphic Revelations we love what we do. We excel at creating new out the box concepts to meet your business needs and exceed your expectations.

Our team members are well skilled in their respective fields. Izelle and Jenni, the partners, each have more than 17 experience in the industry. We work closely together to provide you with options that range through fun and frivolous, casual, serious, corporate / functional… We are small enough to care for you individually, with enough experience to cater to your every requirement.

We are passionate about every aspect of Graphic Revelations. We continuously come up with new ideas to improve and grow and it gives us great pleasure to share our ideas with our clients and to put them into practice.

With over 20 years hands-on experience in the graphic design, signage, litho & digital, finishing, rag trade, branded clothing, promotional gifts, website design and website hosting industries, it’s easy to see why at Graphic Revelations you can get everything you need with one stop or click!

The vast majority of the work we do happens at our factory in Montague Gardens. This includes our designing, printing, vinyl printing and cutting, application and most of our manufacturing. 

I want to work with you!

Graphic Revelations’ services are used both nationally and internationally and we have clients in neighbouring countries such as Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and also UK, Canada, Australia, China, Turkey and France. Our reach is ever expanding. We view ourselves as being a solutions provider as we go full circle by continuously striving towards rendering better, more efficient and the most creative services. We are totally committed to our customers and dedicated to providing excellent service and a top quality product designed to fulfill your requirements. We pride ourselves on building great business relationships, working with integrity, meeting deadlines and providing work that is creative and open to change, at a reasonable price.

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